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CCS12 Theme: Cruise Charter Mode


  Travel agencies, OTA cruise travel services are a huge army who has made great efforts to develop the cruise tourism economy, and achieved great success. "Cruise tourism is a new field to drive the domestic economy", cruise companies, travel agencies and travel companies are important to promote cruise tourism.

  During CCS11, "China Cruise Tourism Service Alliance" was established, which is organized by China Cruise & Yacht Industry Association (CCYIA), and participated by travel agencies and companies such as, Tongcheng Network Technology Co.,Ltd, Caissa CruiseS,, Tuniu. Com, Cruise Master, Biztravel International Travel Service, Tianjin Tourism Group Cruises Travelling Co,LTD, Shenzhen Professional Workers INTL Travel Service Co., Ltd., Qingdao Sunrise International Cruise Ship Travel Co., Ltd.,, Yunnan Kelusi Cruise Ticket LLC., Ltd. The Alliance marked the cruise tourism service industry officially finds its own home.

  CCS12 “Cruise Tourism Cooperation Forum” will address topics around "cruise charter model in current China", aiming to provide solutions to solve existing questions raised in regional Alliance meetings. The forum will invite cruise companies, ports and other industries to offer advice and suggestions.




















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