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In 2016, Premier Li Keqiang asked about the development of cruise shipping economy twice, and proposed on the Executive Meeting of the State Council held on October 14 that the 15-day visa-free policy for overseas cruise tourists was expanded from Shanghai to other ports of China. The master plan of national cruise tourism is to be issued soon, favorable policy information comes endlessly and news of victory in national cruise shipping economy keeps pouring in. According to the statstics by China Cruise & Yacht Industry Associaton (CCYIA), from January to October 2016, the eight major crui...
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Focus on The “Belt and Road Initatves” Cruise Tourism for the first timeThe 1st Sanya Cruise FestvalWorld giants of cruise industry gather in Hainan for the first timeCentral Media Follow Up Report, Cruise Series ProgramsCruise Series Programs National Delegations From Europe Talk About Cruise ManufactureYacht Theme Party Grant the 5th China Cruise Industry Annual Award
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The Internatonal Cruise Expo includes four majorexhibiton areas including the Cruise Companies Area, Cruise Tourism Area, Foods & Beverage & Hotel Supplies Area, and Marine Equipment & Parts Area.  The Cruise Companies Area and the Cruise Tourism Area jointly account for 70% of the Expo’s total area. Opened to the general public, those exhibiton areas mainly promote and introduce cruise-related products and allow the visitors to buy a tcket on the spot. Over the past years, the Cruise Companies Area has become a highlight of the Expo and won the praise of all visitors by ...
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Release time: 2016 - 12 - 05
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