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Date: 2016-12-05
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  International Cruise Expo consists of four major exhibition areas, respectively Cruise Company Exhibition Area, Cruise Tourism Exhibition Area, Food and Beverage Exhibition Area and Hotel Articles Exhibition Area, and Ship Equipment and Parts Exhibition Area.

  As an important part of International Cruise Expo, Cruise Company Exhibition Area and Cruise Tourism Exhibition Area will be continuously open to the citizens. All along, the exhibits of Cruise Company Exhibition Area have received extensive attention and praise. The event supports on-site ticket buying and the citizens may go to know about related tourism products.

  In recent years, with the people’s understanding about modern cruise gradually deepened, tourism products on cruise market have been increasingly enriched, China’s cruise market has entered the growing stage and the tourists’ demand has rapidly grown. In order to sufficiently satisfy the demand of China’s market and provide better experience for tourists, the cruise companies are paying more attention to cooperation with Chinese local enterprises in selection of hotel articles, food and beverage to foster characteristic cruise of Chinese elements. International Cruise Expo will provide an effective exchange and communication platform for the enterprises and cruise companies.

  Having been held for several times, International Cruise Expo has successfully attracted a large number of manufacturers and traders, with exhibits of each exhibition area highly recognized by purchasers of cruise companies. For convenience of communication of the exhibitors with purchasers, the Organizing Committee of International Cruise Expo has designed cruise purchase fair lasting an hour each day. With the solid foundation established in years’ cooperation, more and more domestic cruise product suppliers have established business cooperation partnership with well-known international cruise companies to create better cruise experience in China shoulder to shoulder. 

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