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CCYIA’s Co-Chairman Wu Qiang Visited CCCC’s President Song Hailiang

日期: 2019-06-05
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On February 22, Wu Qiang, the Co-Chairman of China Cruise & Yacht Industry Association(CCYIA),  visited Song Hailiang , the President of China Communications Construction Company Limited (CCCC).The two sides exchanged views on topics including further deepening cooperation in the cruise industry, constructing a cruise industry park, and holding the 14th China Cruise Shipping Conference & International Cruise Expo (CCS14) 2019.

CCYIA’s Co-Chairman Wu Qiang Visited CCCC’s President Song Hailiang

President Song Hailiang introduced the basic situation of CCCC and its investment and development in the cruise industry. He said that the cruise market had a broad development prospect and huge market opportunities. CCCC attaches great importance to the development of the cruise market and regards it as an important area for the company's transformation and upgrading. CCCC is willing to continue to give full play to its advantages in the whole industry chain, adhering to the philosophy of harmonious development and coordinated development, insist on being the “responsibility shareholders urgently needed by the government and economic and social development, the deep participants in regional economic development, and the high quality provider for public service procurement by the government. ', fully support the CCYIA's cruise industry event held in Guangzhou this year, strengthen the two sides’ all-round docking in the infrastructure construction of the cruise industry, industrial park construction, home port economy, tourism and health, Identify the cooperation point, innovate the business cooperation model, increase the strategic integration and industrial integration, and help the two sides achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

Co-Chairman Wu Qiang introduced the basic situation of CCYIA and the development of cruise industry. He said that the development of the global cruise industry has entered a 'golden era'. China is an important growth force for the development of cruise economy and an important potential force for cruise consumers. China has many excellent ports and natural tourism resources, and it has the foundation to build a full industrial chain of cruise ships. The adjustment period of these years is beneficial to the development of the whole industry chain of China's cruise economy and the sustainable and healthy development of cruise tourism. He hoped that CCCC would play an important role in the whole industry chain and international operation, the two sides would jointly explore the development model of China's cruise industry, focus on the strategic layout of the entire industrial chain, continuously deepen the level of cooperation, promote resource combinations, build a cruise economic circle, and achieve win-win development.


Liu Chengyun, the General Manager of the Strategy Development Department of CCCC, Ding Renjun, the General Manager of CCCC Urban Investment Holding Company Limited., Yao Haobo, the Deputy General Manager of the Investment Department of CCCC, Huang Yumin, the General Manager of CCCC (Guangzhou) Cruise Homeport Investment Development CO., LTD, Zheng Weihang, the Executive Vice President & Secretary General of CCYIA, Zhang Jian, the Assistant Secretary General of CCYIA, Wang Xin, the Director of the Public Relations Department of CCYIA,  and Feng Bo, the Associate Director of the Secretariat of CCYIA,  attended the meeting.

CCYIA’s Co-Chairman Wu Qiang Visited CCCC’s President Song Hailiang

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