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Cruise Innovation Forum First Comes to CCS14

日期: 2019-08-09
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Recently, approved by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Shanghai established the first Chinese cruise tourism development demonstration zone. Shanghai Port is also Chinese cruise port service standardization pilot, where the world largest cruise frequency conversion shore power system and Asian first cruise shore power system are built, and the first global cruise port maritime traffic control center is set up.

Cruise Innovation Forum First Comes to CCS14

At the same time, combined with artificial intelligence technology, Tongcheng Cruises launched the artificial intelligence butler service for the first time. Through the innovative mode of “Artificial Intelligence + Service”, they create a high-quality and convenient service experience from reservation to travel,  which brings double guarantee for pre-departure preparation. Based on this, customers will receive the butler’s intelligent voice reminder 5 days before the trip, covering the boarding process, traffic guide, cruise consumption, travel plan and other aspects.

Cruise Innovation Forum First Comes to CCS14

Those series of cruise industry innovation activities are important achievements for Chinese cruise passenger services by combining their own port realities with international experience and multi-disciplinary experiments. 14th China Cruise Shipping Conference & International Cruise Expo (CCS14) 2019 organizing committee firstly hosts the Cruise Innovation Forum, and invite local and international industry veterans to discuss the following aspects to promote the innovation of cruise industry:

1.Cooperation and innovation: exploring innovative cooperation between cruise companies and ports, and between ports.

2.Service innovation: explore cruise innovative services and innovative managements;

3.Cruise tourism innovation: innovate cruise tourism products, promote cruise tourism consumption;

4.Cruise development mode innovation: industry and city integration and new paths;

5.Innovation of cruise sales: explore the innovative model of ticket sales and play positive role on returning reasonable price of cruise consumption.


Therefore, CCS14 committee invites researchers and experts with innovative projects, innovative operating models, innovative technologies, and innovative development concepts to attend and communicate at CCS14 and exchange ideas on cooperation.

Cruise Innovation Forum First Comes to CCS14

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